I began my media career working in community radio in Edmonton, Alberta. My true passion for community radio kept me there for over 7 years as news director working with an inspiring group of passionate outsiders. In that time, I saw radio transition from a central hub for alternative community-building to one of many forms of media available for the development of alternative perspectives and communities.

Wanting to be a part of the changes in media production and consumption, I moved to New York City to study media production, theory, and management at The New School University. The mantra of The New School is 'learning while doing' and I did just that. While pursuing my Masters Degree in media management and production, I studied and learned about film, video, web, radio and television production, management, and theory in a creative, innovative learning space.

"An interdisciplinary curriculum in media theory, history, social analytics, and business includes hands-on  work with film, video, audio, and Web-based media." The New School, School of Media Studies   

For me, media creation has always been about people and ideas. With an undergraduate degree in political philosophy and a passion for intelligent media, my interest is in exploring the relationship between medium, idea and community. The form may change (radio, podcast, video, photography, print, Twitter, Instagram, Vine or whatever will come next) but the ideas are what matter.

In addition to making media, I also care about philosophy, classic literature, quality television, film, PG Wodehouse, needlework, and Radio 4.

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